The Clerk, Andrea Rotilio, born in 1988 in Pavia, is the latest successful addition to 100% PRESI BENE (an italian collective) & Post World Industries. He doesnt stop working and produces one bomb after another. After giving us a taste of his unique and special style, a kind of global bass, colorful and rich in nuances, ranging from ethnic african percussion, with hypnotic rhythms and energetic dancehall.

The Clerk is part of the known Italian Collective 100% PRESI BENE.


There was once a town, so boring and soporific. It lived up only during lunch at the university cafe with people drinking spritz in shirt and loafers. But one day, back in April of 2009, some young people met. They where students who thought differently than everyone else, that instead of loafers, use sneakers. They understood that in the sad and desolate Pavia you can do something. Just do it with Good Vibes (Presi Bene).
100% PRESI BENE became a brand that moves in a different way. Its a collective in which we gather djs, musicians, MCs, designers, photographers, video makers, sound engineers, promoters, monkeys, goats and cabbage ... The musical spectrum and culture covered is very wide indeed. In this brand origins strictly hip hop / funk with new blood from indie / electro / tropical musis that creates a sound and a show fresh and overwhelming. The group evolved into a serious business: from a party at a friend's house to a large electronic music festival. In little more than three years, the crew finds themselves sharing the stage with the likes of: Crookers, Deadmau5, Steve Aoki, Grandmaster Flash, Diplo, Boys Noize, 2 Many Djs, Mixhell, Dr. Lektroluv, Borgore, The Subs, Richie Hawtin, Shaggy, Bounty Killer, Congorock, Switch, Kavinsky, Jeff Mills, Pendulum, Schlachthofbronx, Savage Skulls, Maluca, Panteros 666, Douster, Munchi, Copyflex, Goose, Scuola Furano, Men In Skratch, Righeira, Pink Is Punk, Party Harders, Reset!, Club Dogo, Marracash, Psalm, Ensi, Clementine, Making Money, G-Tronic, Cyberpunkers, Power Francers, Tayone, Pelussje, Gigi Barocco, Copia Doble Systema, Belzebass, Gain On Top, Sea Punk Gang, Dargen D 'Dude, Mustard Pimp etc etc. ..
100% PRESI BENE is a different way to party, disconnected from the logic of the local brand of real fun! The flagship is the JUMP UP FESTIVAL, an event with a top class lineup, held inside the Visconti Castle of Pavia. For 2013, boil in a pot big news! As we have landed a major distribution contract for official merchandise and the release of several EPs and remixes of our artists like Milangeles and The Clerk...