Ion Din Anina


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Ion din Anina ( Andalucia, Spain ) is a global bass dj; a musical genre which combines folklore music withelectronic infuences. Cumbia, balkan music, mediterranean and africansounds or famenco mixed withdubstep, techno, electro or drum`n´bass rhythm or a lot of newbornsgenres, like moombahton, kuduro,trap, 3ball or kwaito.

Music from the Earth in the digital era.

Founder and frontman of the United Global Beats collective, one of the crews that leads the global scene in Spain; and Balkan Fever Party,the most famous balkan parties in the Peninsula.

Actually Ion din Anina leads a mensual residence in Sala Apolo( Barcelona ), club with more than 1000 dancers capacity.

Clubs & Festival Ion din Anina played:Fusion Festival 2011, 2012 ( Germany ), Of – Womex 2011( Denmark ), Carnemvale 2012 ( Italy ), Etnosur 2009, 2010, 2011,2012 ( Spain ), AlRumbo 2011, 2012 ( Spain ), Raw Tempel ( Berlin ),Rust ( Copenhagen ), Gebäude 9 ( Köln ), Casiopeia ( Berlin ), ALG( París ), Recyclart ( Brussels ), Caracol ( Madrid ), Malandar ( Sevilla )...and shared stage with Uproot Andy, Bombino, Filastine, Copia DobleSystema, Chico Trujillo, Ojos de Brujo, Robert Soko, Sargento Garcia,Shazalakazoo, Miss Bolivia and many more.